This morning Jenoa and I went hiking out in the Aliso Woods. Consisting of several trails of varying difficulty near Aliso Creek, Aliso Woods can make for a really pleasant morning hike. A couple trails of particular include Cave Rock and Dripping Cave, both of which are ranked as easy. They branch off of the Wood Canyon Trail. We didn’t complete Cave Rock, as we failed to realize that the entire trail forms a loop and desposits hikers farther up Wood Canyon Trail. Regardless, it was still pretty cool to see. Here’s a picture from where we walked on the trail:

cave rock trail

Farther down Wood Canyon Trail is Dripping Cave. According to legend, Dripping Cave is a place where Juan Flores and his gang would hide out. You can even still see peg holes in the rock ceiling. Here’s a picture of the cave:

dripping cave

If you have time one morning, Aliso Woods is a fun bit of nature in South OC to explore for a couple of hours.