Felt like putting one of these bundles together again:

a church in crisis
the Mondragon moment
When Prayers Become Gibberish
Why I’m Fasting From Analogies
The Mistakes We Cannot Make Again

Digital detox reflections/an update on this space

An update So, as I mentioned in this post, I tried a “digital detox” for about 30 days. Overall, I’d say it was a worthwhile experience, one with some surprising outcomes. A bit of housekeeping regarding this space — I gained a newfound appreciation for simplicity during that time. In that spirit, I decided to import all of my “longform” blog posts here and moved the domain name for robertsapunarich.

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Turnstile - “Mystery” —a friend recently turned me on to these guys. it’s like the best of 90s hardcore came to give us all a hug in 2021.

Because I know there are some people who watch this space — I’ll be going dark here for the next 30 days or so.

EDIT: I’m doing a “digital detox”. Apologies if the above was cryptic.

I’ve loved Scott Snyder’s writing for a decade now. His work on Batman is some of the best I’ve ever read, but over the years, it was disheartening to see him give more and more of his talent to DC’s machine. So I am very, very excited to see him go independent again.

Two firsts for me last night: first post-vax concert, and first ever BTBAM show. 🎵🤘

AT ⛰⛰

Jack is brushing up on his distributed systems knowledge. 📚

WITI?: The It Runs Doom Edition
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Rhyd Wildermuth on leaving social media
Why America Doesn’t Really Make Solar Panels Anymore
Waltern Kirn on The Bullshit

Good to hear these guys again. 🎵

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How the f is there no lighthouse emoji?


Posting to AO Hard Nocs with F3 Jacksonville and dinner at Cap’s On the Water with @jensap have been just a couple of highlights from this week’s St. Augustine vacation.

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Jon Stewart On Vaccine Science And The Wuhan Lab Theory — I really miss his presence on The Daily Show
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“There’s not a lot of people in this world courageous enough to not change.” — A.B.


Thanks to Front Porch Republic for publishing this piece of mine: Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith: Learning Masculinity in a Time of Despair

The Grace Period Is Over (Or Is it?)
Three Arguments About Love
Alan Jacobs on the use of the term, “partner”
Blanched Sun, Blinded Man
The Six Way Fracturing of Evangelicalism — I have a lot of thoughts about this one.

Breaking Ground: Christian Civic Humanism for a World Renewed
The Case for Post-Patriarchal Manhood:
The sexual counterrevolution is coming
Living in the Last Days with ’80s Hardcore Punk
The Leg at the Bottom of the Sea
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Jason McCarthy 🇺🇸:

BBQ and cornhole and cool kid sunglasses and a boom box you can hear a hundred miles away. You’re on the ocean, you’re at the lake, you’re in your backyard, you’re wherever you are in this great big free country of ours. The sun is bright and the sky is blue and you open the cooler and grab all the beers you can wrestle against your chest. You pass them around to anyone and everyone, it’s smiles in every direction. This is exactly what summer in America should feel like.

As a dear friend likes to say, live big.

Memorial Day is a great day to be grateful to be alive, and to prove it. I barely knew the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day when I was a kid. Americans were not dying in war, which is also a great thing to be grateful for, because we weren’t fighting any. Sacrifice simply wasn’t at the forefront of our nation’s headlines, so it left no impression upon me. That would come much later.

It’s not a bad thing that we’re fighting more for the Roaring 20’s to emerge than we are at war — these things come in cycles. But the time is now for those of us who know the true meaning of Memorial Day — because we live it every day — to build a bridge to those who don’t. To invite them to do MURPH, to invite them to your backyard BBQ, to meet them halfway plus a little more.

And when you raise your glass to those who can’t be with us, do it with pride in your heart and share why, for you personally, Memorial Day is a great day to be grateful to be alive.

For me it’s because I have too many buddies who were too young who are buried in the ground now and I miss them. I feel guilty that I get to live this great life and theirs was cut too short. I hope to honor their sacrifice by leading a good life, but it’s impossible to know if you can ever fully measure up to such a calling.

And yet, they would all be the first ones to pass around another beer right about now, and to tell me to live big, so that’s what I’ll do, and what we all should do.

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