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Satyr — “Vector”: from one of the best albums I’ve heard this year

I’ve waited too long for this: Clerks III trailer

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I will be patriotic don’t lie to me about web 2.0 the holy anarchy of fun the sheepdogs view market solutions to ancient sins communion and disagreement in the new testament: acts 15 men of fidelity on college, careers, and aspirations for home nick cave on free spech and jesus guided by the …

cancelled flights are how the light gets in

It’s common knowledge that flying in summer 2022 is a mess. Given the likelihood of a delay or outright cancelation, Jenoa and I expected our first flight with six and a half week old baby E to be rough. But I was pleasantly surprised. Our flight from Richmond to DFW was only delayed by about …

Relevant life update courtesy of my wife.


Wise words from the deadlift pad. 🏋️‍♂️💥

Fun fact, I used to own the exact issue of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction that had this illustration on the cover, “Starship Soldier”, and first serialized a Robert Heinlein novel of the same name, later to be called Starship Troopers. Via 70s Sci-Fi Art:

I think Practical Engineering may be my new favorite YouTube channel.

changing my mind

Back in December, Liel Leibovitz published these words over at Tablet, and they’ve probably been the best summation of thoughts and feelings I’ve held for a while now. The whole thing is worth reading, but this lengthy excerpt is what stuck with me: I have one important thing to tell …

Time for another one of these. Books Become Games Denethor the Impious The New Authoritarians God with Us The Car and Car Dependence Reopen the American Frontier Metalcore Then vs. Now The Idle Doodles of J.R.R. Tolkien Beyond Grumpiness Does Not Compute

Visited Orange County for my best friend’s wedding. It’s been a great trip. We return to Cville tomorrow. Congrats, Collin and Meagan.

This one really hit me. I struggle to express the shock I’m feeling, or why. I’ve always been moved by the energy and joy he exuded on the record and on stage. Thanks for all the beauty you helped make, Taylor.

Leszek Kolakowski, via Alan Jacobs: Doubt may be considered one of the consequences of original sin, but it also protects us against its more deleterious effects. It is important for us to be uncertain about the deep motives for our own deeds and the grounds of our convictions, since this is the …

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We’re Hooked on a Feeling–of Despair What the Truckers Want God Save Us From What Plagues Us makers and making Fiber Optic Solutions Boys Instead of Men

Julia Rothman’s “Anatomy” books are probably the most pleasant reference books I’ve ever come across. I’m glad we finally have the whole collection. 📚

Currently listening/watching: Foo Fighters live at Madison Square Garden

So proud of @jensap for teaching adult education hour this morning.

Why Churches Should Drop Their Online Services How Music Created Silicon Valley Walking America: Washington, DC (Anacostia and Alexandria) The Homebound Symphony Idaho Is Sitting on One of the Most Important Elements on Earth Justice and the State

The cofounders of Substack: Declining trust is both a cause and an effect of polarization, reflecting and giving rise to conditions that further compromise our confidence in each other and in institutions. These effects are especially apparent in our digital gathering places. To remain in favor …

Really proud of @jensap and I’s old housemate whose album was recently written up in Pitchfork!

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