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Update 5

Four entries in and I broke the weekly rhythm, hence the title change to “update”. Oh well.

To be fair, last week was spent traveling to California for my W+R Studios’ year-end meetings/holiday party. I flew in on Tuesday the 10th. Meetings and work related events lasted until the morning of Friday the 13th. I got to spend the rest of Friday and all of Saturday seeing friends and catching up on Watchmen. I flew to DC on Sunday the 15th, where I met up with Jenoa. Spent much of Monday the 16th exploring DC, before taking the train back to Charlottesville that evening.

I think I’ve travelled more this year than any other. Let’s see if I can get a comprehensive list:

That last trip will be the last one I take for some time. Much as I love seeing close friends, I’m also looking forward to not getting on a plane.

In an odd way, I felt a peace when I left California last week. I’m accepting having both feet firmly planted in Virginia. Of course there will be trips back west, and some of the friends I have there could never be replaced. But it’s not home anymore. I’m writing this from Charlottesville, VA — my new home.


Still plodding through Fall and Advent. I also picked up Paul’s Apocalyptic Gospel by J. Christiaan Beker from The Center for Christian Study’s library as a supplementary interlude to my reading of Advent. I’m also learning the Go programming language and making my way through The Little Go Book.


Thanks to Collin, I’m mostly caught up with Watchmen. Just need to watch that finale. Jen is also trying to get me hooked on Mad Men and it might be working.


I told a friend of mine that I wanted to get into choral music. He recommended the Choir of King’s College, Cambridge. Their Best Loved Hymns kept me company on the turbulent flight out to California. Also thankful for Penguin Cafe’s Handfuls of Night and City and Colour’s A Pill for Loneliness.

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